Monday, December 24, 2007

liberal bias rant

Say what you want about the democrats... but at least they have a handful of presidential hopefuls who don't suck. I mean, you can argue they aren't awesome, but most of the main guys (and lady) don't suck. I have my own primary vote to cast, but I really wouldn't be upset by any of the frontrunners winning. The republicans, on the other hand. I mean come on, politics aside, these guys are just so lame. Guiliani? The guy is a philandering shitheel. Romney? Maybe its because I'm from Mass, and I don't like how he talked about the state after his tenure. Or maybe it's because he looks like Eddie Munster, all grown up with bronzer. Or, maybe its because he exaggerates pathologically. McCain, I actually liked in the last couple of elections. He's getting less sucky, but his wacko comments from the spring and summer still are ringing in my ears. Huckabee? Don't get me started - I mean if we are going to elect him, let's just put a steeple on the white house. Give the Christian Right what they really want. Fred Thompson? That would be so sweet in a Governator, Jesse Ventura sort of way. Only with those guys, they represent(ed) places where I was not a constituent. I really don't want to vote for the most ironic candidate. And then there's some other dudes running. I feel like the republican party is silently waiting, and hoping for their real candidate to arrive.

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