Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Franksgiving

Seeing as my kids don't eat food, and neither jade nor I like turkey - I mixed it up and threw together a non-traditional thanksgiving meal.

I made a hybrid roast stew. Potatoes carrots onions, herbs, stew meat. About 4 cups of chicken broth and a Guinness in a roasting pan. Broiled for an hour, baked for another 90 minutes.

I made a pumpkin pie, which never set, and a dutch apple pie - which was delicious. I made soft pretzels that were inedible, but I attempted again yesterday with a new recipe, and they came out fine.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For Alexei

These are some pictures of Fort Collins for my friend Alexei, who lives near Kirov in Russia...

Starbuck's - the National coffee chain where Americans spend too much for flavored hot water.

Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado. "Old Town" is a designation for a part of newer towns that are old or historic - the rest of Fort Collins looks different. In the Northeast of the United States, where I am from, the cities are older, and there is no "old town".

Old Town Fort Collins

We have a lot of train tracks running through town.

My house

My car

Horsetooth Reservoir - the highest point, with the notches, looks like horse's teeth. Or at least somebody thought that.

More of Horsetooth

More old town

My favorite walk-in restaurant - "La Luz" is Spanish for "The Light". They make great burritos.

Monday, November 3, 2008


i've been away from my sweet blog too long.

here's a tidbit to tide over my hungry blog