Friday, November 9, 2007

Yippie...a new printer

Nothing like buying office supplies to procrastinate. I had been
getting by on a photoprinter, and finally decided it was time to make
the leap. It's slow for a laser MFP, but quality is high. It doesn't
have a fax, but I'm opposed to faxing on principal anyway.


Corey said...

I hate faxing. I'm opposed to it too.

HAL said...

Ah Giuseppe, it seems that another layer of the onion has been peeled. I now know that you are a man that is above talent shows involving poorly played trumpets, AND transmission of images over analog phone lines. Soon I will have amassed enough of your personal preference data in my Sharp Wizard to do a full Giuseppe simulation... then we won't need you any more. Ha Ha!

Giuseppe Jonathan Jones, CPA said...

I'm going to be replaced!? I need make flyers to warn everyone - quick - to the mimeograph machine!

Brant said...

You better not be the same HAL that blew my homie out of that airlock. That was some cold blooded shit, even for a computer.