Monday, May 5, 2008

Reduction in Meat

I've eaten meat about 3 times in the last 9 days. For me, that's pretty insane. Prior to this, I haven't gone 24 hours without meat since I was weaned from the teat.

Something happened during a hangover that was unexpected. I lost my appetite (normal) but I also started feeling a little grossed out by meat. No the taste, but how it felt when I was digesting. Unlike most hangovers, I didn't totally regain my appetite, or this new ambivalence towards the car-nay.

We'll see what happens - I could easily wind up back on my daily hamburger kick, or not. For now, a good black bean taco with some salsa and guacamole is doing it for me.


Pilo said...

you have to start eating the veggie delight, it's all about nutritional yeast.

Brant said...

if this is some lame ass attempt to get Giuseppe to start eating marmite, the Gauntlet is going to get thrown down. Oh shit, I just dropped it. Hold on... hold on... I got it. Okay, NOW I am throwing it down.

mmmm.... Gauntlet.

"Wizard needs food."

Too bad Giuseppe isn't eating Wizards anymore.