Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring 2008 Golf Roundup

Future me: here's where I'm at golf-wise in 2008.

My handicap is down slightly, but I'm at a point where I feel like I should be shooting better, and possibly break down the 18 to a 14 - but that might just be me.

My slice is pretty much gone - but I'm overextending myself on drives sometimes - resulting in sharp pulls. Actually, I do find that I'll hit some 3 wood slices now and again. I tossed out the 5-wood and 5 iron. I'm still hitting it pretty short on the course, but a lot farther on the range, so I think I just get armsy when I'm not calm. I find if I remember to grip lightly and keep strong posture, that the swing usually works for me. My irons are a little short, but relatively accurate.

Short game wise, things are pretty good. I god rid of my 54°, and replaced it with a 50°. This gives me much better gaps between clubs. My pitching wedge is 46°, so I had an 8° gap, and then 2° between the 54° and the sand wedge. I'm also a lot more conscious of how far each wedge carries the ball and then rolls. I also have been factoring in uphill and down hill roll, and the lie of the ball when I pick my clubs. I'm also not afraid of busting out a 7 iron chip if the situation calls for it - so I would love to increase accuracy, but I'm pretty happy with my short game right now.

Putting - I still need a lot of work here. I find if I place the putter down, line up the sightline, and then step into the stance and line my feet up parallel, I do pretty well.

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