Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For Alexei

These are some pictures of Fort Collins for my friend Alexei, who lives near Kirov in Russia...

Starbuck's - the National coffee chain where Americans spend too much for flavored hot water.

Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado. "Old Town" is a designation for a part of newer towns that are old or historic - the rest of Fort Collins looks different. In the Northeast of the United States, where I am from, the cities are older, and there is no "old town".

Old Town Fort Collins

We have a lot of train tracks running through town.

My house

My car

Horsetooth Reservoir - the highest point, with the notches, looks like horse's teeth. Or at least somebody thought that.

More of Horsetooth

More old town

My favorite walk-in restaurant - "La Luz" is Spanish for "The Light". They make great burritos.

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COBRA 3-8 said...

Great, buddy! You live in the such nice town. Mountains(horse's teeth are just wonderful! Never saw something like that.:)