Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Strange Gray Cube

Last night the was this weird humming sound that woke me up at about 1 in the morning. I thought the fridge door was left open or something, but it wasn't, so I wound up having to scour the entire house. Nothing - I even checked the basement. I got back to bed, and still heard the humming. It was driving me crazy until I realized it was coming from the backyard. Back out of bed for me - Mrs. Jones didn't wake up, thankfully.

So I get down there and there's this hole in the backyard, about a foot wide and maybe half as deep, like something the dog dug up. She's already chewed one of the trees in half (literally - there's one tree and one two foot high spike in our backyard), so nothing she does out there surprises me. Then it gets weird. There is this gray, metallic cube. Bigger than a Rubiks cube - grapefruit sized. Also, there's no loose dirt in the hole around it - it looks like the hole was scooped out. And there's this cube, this satin metal cube, humming away.

I wasn't asleep at all anymore by this point, but I just stared at it forever. Nothing happened to me when I touched it, and picked it up. I was expecting it to be cold, but it felt warm, like someone else had just held it. The humming stopped when I picked it up. I felt kind of weird, standing out in my backyard in my t-shirt and boxers, holding this thing like an idiot, so I brought it inside. I put it on a plate on the counter - I don't know why, but I was afraid it was going to start a fire or something if I left it just sitting on the counter. It started humming again, but more quietly than outside. I stared at it some more, but finally I had to get to bed - I am exhausted today.

So the weirdest thing? I get up this morning, and it's gone. Totally fucking gone. The plate is still there, but the cube - poof. I can't find the hole in the backyard either. In fact, I'd swear I just dreamt the whole except that I was up for a really long time staring at the cube. That, and the plate was still there. Mrs. Jones just thinks I'm an idiot.


Bonnie said...

Hmmm, sleep walking again, me dear?

Amy Woods said...

no've been watching too much LOST

Seamus Woods said...

Sorry. That was my anti-doomsday device. I have to keep moving it around and hiding it because the doomsday device tries to destroy it. If I knew they would be this much trouble I never would have built them in the first place.
Again, sorry for the confusion.