Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update to idiot texters

I'll try to copy this from my phone SMS. I got this from 1 (760) 504-2989. Feel free to contact this person as she seems pretty chatty. I'll put my texts in bold...


Wrong number chiefy


Who is it you think you are texting


Not even close

Who is this

Definitely not miranda - update your contact info for Miranda - cause this ain't her phone

Well who is this

So I owe you my personal contact information, because you can't operate your handheld correctly? I'm pissed off that you're wasting my data plan, and that I'm expected to answer to a stranger - that's who I am

Dont have a fit about it! Dang!

Don't be so disrespectful dang

Well you sound like a pissy man! Bye! I'll make sure to update the post just for you. Pissy? No. Bitter? Extremely. But at least I know how to use my phone you noob.

Well Crap! Get a life "Noob"

I thought you said bye already. You can google noob when you get home. Leave me alone.

I know what Noob means and fine poop face!

I"ll take that "sorry I can't use my phone and Ill leave you alone now" unless you construed this in your mind that I contacted you and initiated this waste of my time.


Sure, I was a little rude once things got going - but why didn't the first few messages sink in? "not even close" should have ended the conversation. "Well who is this"? Are you kidding me? No, who the hell are you, getting off questioning me, after you wrong numbered me? I can't imagine getting a phone call that would follow that track. How did texting turn wrong numbers into such a disrespectful clusterfuck?

Like I said - feel free to text 1 (760) 504-2989. She allegedly knows what a noob is, so that might be a good icebreaker.


Kerri said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I had to google noob. But I'll make sure to send her a text message with lots of bad words.

Giuseppe Jonathan Jones, CPA said...

lol. You aren't sending out rude SMS texts to the wrong numbers - so you'll never be a noob in my book. I'm pretty sure her putting in quotes means she didn't know what it meant and was bluffing.