Tuesday, July 29, 2008


No, not that awesome movie from the 90s - my recipe for pretty good burgers. I had a cookout/birthday party for Tatum, and they came out pretty good - at least that's what my friend Erik SuperChef® said.

I recently changed up my approach to good burgers... some guy was on splendid table, talking up his approach to burgers, and combined with some other innovations of my own, they worked great.  I can't really eat these too often anymore, but at least I can share the love...

  1. Only use 80% lean - anything leaner than 90 is going to not taste that good.
  2. Make big patties.  You want at least 1.5 inches thick.  That's a good 3/4 to 1 lb of meat.  Hey, they aren't supposed to be healthy, but nobody says you have to eat the whole thing (but why wouldn't you, they are delicious).
  3. Look for ground chuck that is wavy - the longer the strands, the better.
  4. Very important - don't pack them tightly.  Very loosely.
  5. This is my addition.  I find it's had to not pack them somewhat, so stab them repeatedly with a fork - like 10 times.  You really want the meat to be as loose as possible.
  6. Brush lightly with vegetable oil - ditto with buns (and layers of onion if you want to fancy).  A rub is optional - I tend to put the oil in a small bowl or teacup, and add ground pepper and salt.  That way you aren't packing the meat down with the rub.
  7. When grilling, stay at grill, and don't cover them - unless you are into well done.
  8. Grill buns for a few minutes.
That's it - you get really tasty, moist burgers, not the hard leathery burgers.  You can actually get away with a medium burger that's as soft as rare burger.

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