Friday, April 4, 2008

DEAL me out

Take "The Color of Money"

Change Pool to Texas Hold 'em

Swap Cool Hand Luke for The Bandit

Replace Tom Cruise with Some kid who is the right age (but keep the same plaid shirt)

and you get DEAL...


And while Burt Reynold's is notorious for being the opposite of the type of actor who is putty in a director's hands, apparently his face is made out of putty. Gross.

One awesome thing is it has the perfect title for movie critics to use when they inevitably skewer this movie. "What's the Big DEAL" "A Deal gone bad" "No Deal" "DEALing with any horrible card movie".

Frankly card playing is not really conducive to dramatic storytelling on the screen (neither is pool, but Scorcese can handle challenges like that). Why don't we make a movie about darts or hungry hungry hippos while we are at it. Of course, Scarlett Johansson is attached to a feature film adaptation of Milton Bradley's Monopoly, so I guess poker doesn't seem so bad.

Monopoly? Seriously?

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