Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Franco American

The Missus likes James Franco. A lot. A whole whole lot. Oh man. Does she love her some piping hot James Franco.

I can't say that I blame her. Maybe if I did some sit ups, worked on my personal fashion habits, and took a shower more than once a week, she might not spend so many hours sitting at her dresser, staring wistfully into a framed, autographed picture of shirtless James Franco lifting bales of hay with a pitchfork. It only cost 1650 bucks on ebay, and when the missus asks for James Franco memorabilia, you don't refuse. And who does sit ups anyways - that's so 1984 - I should slap on a headband and a Casio calculator watch while I'm at it. Sit ups are like Oxford University - old school baby. Two things I am not are:

1: Old School

2: James Franco

But I digress...

One thing about his latest stint of films is that we haven't seen enough of James' comedic side. Fortunately that will change when pineapple express comes out in late summer. Until then, Mr. Franco is satiating our hunger with some acting lessons...

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