Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ADIDAKZ: All Day I Dream About Killing Zombies

I'm going to mock this up and try to sell some tee-shirts from one of those custom logo clearing houses. A clear rip from ADIDAS, a similar font treatment will be necessary:

ADIDAKZ - with a picture of a zombie in cross-hairs.


Seamus Woods said...

That's good. I was thinking of making some funny Secure Storage T's that we can give out to friends and such. The best one I have so far is:

Secure Storage
For all the Junk in your Trunk

I'm thinking it should have a vintage look, maybe white ink on navy shirt, and a line drawing of an overly-enthusiastic customer in front of a storage building. Kind like the one on securestorage.net, but cropped and maybe hammed up a little.

Can you come up with any?

Giuseppe Jonathan Jones, CPA said...

ah something irreverently retro, like the ted johnson character from redmeat.com. That sounds fun. You could a whole campaign... "Secure Storage... yes, we're eyeing your junk." "Secure Storage; it's not just for Jimmy Hoffa anymore." and the all time favorite "Secure Storage: Listen to your wife and clean the sh!t up out of your basement".

I'm sure I can find/make a dude who will marvel at the junk on your trunk for a tee-shirt.

Erik said...

drop the Z. the crosshairs will get the "kill" message across.

Giuseppe Jonathan Jones, CPA said...

actually - if I ditch the K - it will look and sound a lot more like an adidas logo, and the cross hairs over the zombie make it pretty clear why I'm dreaming about them. To frag them, of course.