Friday, September 21, 2007

DORF on Golf

Well, my good kemosabe Ken is getting hitched today at the JP, before heading with his new bride to Fiji for 2 weeks. Lucky bastard - I wish I could have had a romantic wedding like that - yuk yuk.

Anyhoo - we played the home course last night. He didn't exactly have the jitters, but he shot a "10" on one hole. That means he could have shot a 17 on it. Since it's his big day, I won't air his dirty golf scores.

I bagged a 44, including one double and a brain melting triple. It's always nice to grab extra strokes like that from from knocking balls into blind spots, and then not being able to find them. If Ihad just bogeyed those two, I would have had myself a nice fat 41. Which is what E-money wound up shooting. The tuned up superquad worked fabulously - with the weighting set for low shots, my ball flight was nice and low. The slice seems to be a thing of the past... for the moment.

Screw laser distance readers and GPS for yardage - what I want is those special blue blockers I saw at Dicks. One the box, they made it look like your ball increased in contrast ten thousand percent.


Erik said...

if i'd only used that 9 instead of a 6 i might have pulled off my first legit score in th 30's. stupid 6 lookin like a 9.

Giuseppe Jonathan Jones, CPA said...

Hey man - at least you didn't make that mistake twice in one round - as I did at the sertoma event in July. What's even sweeter - the ping 9 iron has dots under the foot so you know which is which right away. certified public airhead.