Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bassman makes progress on the range

Ironic... I'm blogging this because Seabass was being so naughty I had to leave the kitchen table.

Earlier today, we went over to highland meadows. He's been getting pretty good with putting (although less and less concerned with the holes). I thought I'd take him over to the driving range which we rarely do.

I had him focus on two things. One: Put the clubface directly behind the ball as the first thing you do to get ready. Two: Keep your eye on the ball the whole time. He actually made clean contact on the first swing about half the time, and got some balls airborne - about 10 yards.

He did so good, in fact, we dropped off his clubs to get fitted. Nothing scientific, but they are chopping about 3 inches off of each, so he does have to slap shot them so much.

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