Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Only when there are no witnesses

Last Sunday, after my ceiling fan fiasco, I went out solo to Highland Meadows to play 9. I wound up shooting a 44. Incidentally, while i'm waiting for the USGA to grind out my official handicap, I posted scores and course/slope ratings to calculate a simulated handicap, which was 18.5. We'll see what the official number is that gets spit out. Thank Crom that I squirreled away all of my old score cards from this summer, all the way back into May.

In other golf news (sorry guys, this stuff really is for my own future edification), I started putting more wedges into my bag. I have been of the proponent that until you unstand the dynamics of one wedge (pitching wedge not included) that you should use one wedge. That had been a low bounce 54° wedge. I put a 54° sand wedge, and a 60° back in my bag. (The psychotic 64° wedge is still sitting in my backup bag). I feel more comfortable pitching and chipping, and am using the pitching wedge more. I'm also starting to pick out a landing spot, and understanding how much each club makes the ball roll. That, combined with a better sense of how the topography of the green will shape that roll, is definitely part of what got me that 44 score. Just call me huevos rancheros, because there was a whole lotta of spicy scrambling going on.

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