Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Getting the crap scared out of me

Thank Odin the Kids were asleep for nap time when this happened. I'm kicking back, horizontal style on the couch last sunday, taking in Tiger Woods in all his unstoppable glory. The ceiling fan fell to the floor, shattering the light fixture and sounding like a gun shot. I proceeded to scream like a little girl. I don't feel sexist in making that claim as even Seabass can't hold a candle to Tay's sonic disruptions... Anyway, if you saw me, you would have seen those Aquaman-style soundwaves emanating from my voice box as I recoiled on the couch.

I was pissed off the rest of the day. I was pissed because I had no one to be pissed at. The home inspector, maybe, but I think it would have been pushing it for him to inspect the structural integrity of every fixture in the house. It was just scary, and I should feel relieved that nobody was hurt, instead of mad that somebody could have been hurt. Of course, I don't swing that way, so I was all bent out of shape.

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