Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Script treatment pitch

Emilio Estevez and Carl Weathers play Lt. Willem Sparks and Emmit Stronghold, two cops on the brink of retirement. Terrorists steal a nuclear warhead under the leadership of Scott Baio, returning to the big screen with an edgy middle eastern character that plays against type as an irrational, violence-crazed lunatic. and are planning on planting in LA. Not in my backyard! Carl and Emilio, at each other's throats, but always getting each other's backs, race to stop the terrorists, while thwarting bureaucracy of the well meaning Feds. Here's a taste...


The jewelry counter shatters in gunfire, pelting the crouching policemen with diamonds and broken glass. The pull their heads and pistols in tightly, before Lt. Stronghold pops up and lays down some return fire.

Stronghold: "Man, I'm getting too old for --"

Sparks: cutting in "Don't say it, Emmit. Don't even say it."

Stronghold confrontationally: "Don't say what, Will?"

Sparks: "Don't tell me you're too old for this shit. Don't say it!"

Stronghold softly:"Nah, Will. I wasn't gonna say that, brutha. You letting the heat of the moment cloud your mind, man."

Sparks a little gunshy: "Okay. Okay. My bad, brutha. What were you going to say?"


Sparks cringes before hopping up and dispatching two low level terrorist thugs, with expert marksmanship. The room is silence, gunsmoke rising and the room a glittering pile of glass shards mixed with priceless gems. Sparks pounds his chest, as if he forgets he is still holding a 45.

Sparks: "Emmit, I told you, goddammit! Don't ever talk about my mother!"


With 96 pages with the same crisp dialog, and crafted action sequences with big budget effects in mind, I just don't see how this could fail...


Kerri said...

Can't go wrong with Chachi & Apollo

Kerri said...

Although you might want to think about recasting Estevez

Giuseppe Jonathan Jones, CPA said...

Wha?! /*rubs eyes incredulously */ No Estevez, no project. He has to have the moustache from Stakeout though. I'm telling you, the chemistry is waiting to happen. Michael Bay - you read my blog, right? Tell Kerri Estevez is crucial. Hello? Michael? Are you there?...

Kerri said...

I'm just saying any one who has done Paula Abdul might be a bit on the insane side.