Thursday, February 14, 2008

I've either got the golf chitters

or I really need a drink. Thinking about teeing up is making me really jittery the last couple of days. It snowed a couple of inches today, and the ground is hard as a rock, but the days are getting longer, and think there will be a round of golf within the next month. Of course, snow will fall again and there will not be true golf weather for another couple of months - but it is coming. In the meantime, I think there is some 12 yr. Glenfiddich in the cabinet to take care of those damn chitters. Someday I can go to Scotland, birthplace of Glenfiddich and golf. I'm thinking I was born in the wrong country.


Bonnie said...

Maybe, but your great grandmother and great grandfather were both born in Scotland.

Seamus Woods said...

I always thought you WERE born in Scotland. What with the sideburns and the fanaticism about Ferret-Legging.

Try the Oban. It is a whole lot smokier than most, which at the wrong time makes you think you're drinking scotch out of an ashtray, but at the right time is wonderful. I think the right time is when you are sitting in a nice chair, smoking a nice cigar, and stuffing incriminating documents into a roaring fireplace while a government TLA is pounding on your door... loudly.