Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moving on up

Well, it's time to leave Olive Street. My former boss/sometimes client/friend Brad has let me continue working in here until its ready to be vacated for demolition - he's creating some cool condos inspired by Beacon Hill.

So I bit the bullet and executed a lease on an executive suite. The downside - it's not free. But the upside is that its close enough for me to ride my bike to work and even come home for lunch (we'll see how crazy I am when it gets warmer). It's also much swankier than the "rustic" accommodations here. I will miss being in old town - so many good eats here, and what culture there is in this wacky town is mostly in old town. But I'm looking forward to another step towards legitimate entrepreneurship. I picked up a few office supplies, and I move in tomorrow.

Here's a pic from their website - my office is actually the windows on the upper floor, next to the right edge.

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