Friday, February 8, 2008

what nerds do on friday nights

they optimize their splash page for the iphone...

Jade wound up just watching bridget jones diary, so I continued my quest. There's actually a viewport meta tag (there are meta tags for everything). So resizing worked, and I got my conditional css on. Here's a pretty accurate mockup of what it looks like on my iphone. I also created a psuedo iphone style page here that approximates the iphone view, but on a traditional browser. I also made an "apple-touch-icon" so that if you were to add the site to your home screen, it shows a custom icon, and not just a clip of the actual web page. Kind of like favicons for the iphone.

This didn't really accomplish much, but it was a good learning experience. Some times you gotta let your geek flag fly. Besides, it's not like I was build open source linux appliances or something. I guess that just makes me a dumb nerd - those are the bestest kind.

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